Habitat for Humanity House in Limbo, Waiting to be Instagrammed


After a series of devastating tornadoes ripped through Texas and Oklahoma in the spring of 2013, Habitat for Humanity stepped in to help rebuild and support the affected communities.

Kay Houston, a 79-year-old resident of Moore since childhood, has praised the efforts of local volunteers, stating, “They have been working day and night since the storm. I have back problems. I couldn’t even bend down to start sifting through the rubble. They moved bricks, dug out memories from my childhood, and kept me company. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for these strangers. They’re my angels.”

And over the next two years, these “angels” cleaned up the mess, raised funds so that Kay could live comfortably despite having nowhere to go, and even started building her a new home. “Last I heard, they finished construction in December. But I’m still waiting for the go-ahead to move in,” she said, a glint of disappointment in her eyes.

We caught up with Jenny Platten, head of the local Habitat office, who revealed that the permitting process has been completed. “All we’re waiting on now is for the house to be Instagrammed.” She continues, “We had a team of volunteers from the local college help with the painting, planting, and finishing touches. A sweet little blonde girl wearing a Habitat for Humanity t-shirt and carrying a really expensive handbag asked me to take a picture of her, but she hasn’t posted it on Instagram. Until that happens, there’s not much we can do for Ms. Houston.”

But Kay Houston claims that she will not be discouraged. “They have done so much for me already, I cannot be anything but grateful. These things take time, and I can wait.

Patten says she has seen this happen again and again in recent years. “Choosing the right filter can be very stressful, resulting in indecision and avoidance behaviors. And if her eyelashes didn’t appear long enough, or there was a funny wrinkle in her t-shirt, that’s an entirely separate round of edits that need to be made. She concludes, “We just need to have faith that the girl will take credit for her community service. Until then, it’s a waiting game.”


Note: This is a work of fiction and in no way represents the opinions of Habitat for Humanity. They are a badass organization that does amazing things for those in need. To find your local Habitat and see how you can contribute, click here.